Disability Rights

Disability And Visibility

Being diagnosed with an illness can be hard at any stage in your life. Finding out that you’re diagnosed with a lifelong or terminal illness which is visually unseen makes it even more of a challenge in everyday life. Workplaces often don’t understand the needs of people who require special assistance at work. In most cases businesses are ill prepared to take on a person with any form of disability- seen or unseen. Trying to get your boss to take ownership and make vital changes in the workplace to assist you in order to allow you to work in a safe environment can be challenging. Most just won’t do it even though they have a legal obligation to do so.

However, what happens before you’ve even secured a job? When you’re trying to apply for jobs or attending interviews? It can be quite intimidating to start making demands at the outset about certain prerequisites to accommodate you both at the interview stage and/or later at work, should you be successful. Many employers may just decide to hire another candidate to avoid the hassle and costs of employing you. Again such practices are illegal and any employer found deliberately doing so could face legal action.

There’s occasions where you avoid telling your new employer altogether about your medical condition to avoid them rejecting you at the interview stage. You should always let your new employer know of anything which may pose a problem during your interview stage.

Be honest and open with them – If you explain your medical condition to them early on you may find they may respect you for your honesty. The best way to give back to your medical condition is by fighting back and not letting your illness overcome you. Read about your medical condition and know your rights.

If you feel you have been unfairly treated or victimised due to your disability, you can reach out to us with your queries.