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Tess Flanders
Attending the Time To Act conference – London, 2015.
At Amnesty International’s women’s rights event – London, 2015.
Kneeling down for George Floyd with baby activist Amna – Alicante, 2020.
Enjoying some family time – Barcelona, 2013.
At a public protest with Amna – Alicante, 2020.
Inside The Houses of Parliament for a refugee crisis event organised by MLMS – London, 2015.
At a Unicef Human Rights exhibition – London, 2015.
Attending a human rights conference with my daughter Amna – Barcelona, 2020.
Proud to play a small part in a movie highlighting London’s homelessness issue – London, 2014.
At a Black Lives Matter vigil – Alicante, 2020.
At 2 months old Amna is officially the youngest activist – Paris, 2020.
Outside the Houses of Parliament supporting a Syrian peace campaigner – London, 2016.
On The Wright Show with Mathew Wright – London, 2014.
At the Sadiq For London Mayoral campaign HQ with Sadiq Khan – London, 2015.
Taking some well deserved time out with my wife Mukaddas– Maldives, 2019.
Meeting of the minds with Adil Ray – London, 2014.
Campaigning for friend Dr. Rosena Allin-Khan in Tooting – London, 2016.
Walking into City Hall to participate in the London Debate – London, 2017.